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The Client Engagement Process 

The digital era has touched every industry. Content is everywhere. Products and services are a commodity. To be competitive, we must create engaging, memorable client experiences where the “experience” becomes the product. It’s more important now than ever. What is the experience for your clients? 

Two-Day Workshop Curriculum 

  • Communication Styles: Understand basic communication styles and body language to be a more effective collaborator. 

  • Demonstrate Value: Learn the most effective variables that demonstrate trustworthiness and how to use them. 

  • Frame the Client’s Story: Understand the client vs interpret the client. Everyone has a story and a unique path that is continually changing. As financial professionals, it’s our job to get personal and uncover every client’s story. 

  • Uncover Client Motivation: Guide the conversation with structure and great questions that get clients to reveal the motivations and experiences that drive their decisions.

  • Don’t Skimp on the Summary: The summary is a repeat of the client’s story. The most powerful story you can use is the one you get the client to tell. 

  • Practice Session – The Client Conversation: An in-depth case study exercise designed to test the financial professional’s ability to have a meaningful conversation, uncover the client’s story, and identify the client’s motivation to buy. Financial professionals will be paired with consideration to experience and communication style. 


  • Develop a Memorable Presentation: Paint the client’s picture by framing the client’s story using verbal, visual, and collaborative components that result in engaging and educational presentations. Using the previous day’s case study and practice session, participants develop and present the presentation in four sections: Client Summary, Analysis of Current Financial Situation, Investment Concepts and Strategies, Client Benefit Statements .

  • Practice Session — The Solution Conversation: Working in teams, participants practice the entire solutions conversation using the four sections of the presentation. Presentations are made to the class for practice, observation,
    and feedback. This exercise tests the financial professional’s ability to make a meaningful connection with the client.


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