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About Cramer & Associates, LLC 

Founded by Jack Cramer in 1997, Cramer & Associates is a financial services company headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y. The firm focuses on the following 4 Pillars. 

The 4 Pillars of Cramer & Associates

We host Roundtables focused on a single topic where we maximize sharing (one of our strengths) among a curated group of financial services executives.  Those topics include: annuities, life insurance, structured products, sales leadership, executive leadership. 

We have created a world-class collection of sales and product trainings that fuel the success of million dollar Advisors and newly licensed rookies. You’ll find our content being used at some of the leading firms in their new hire training programs and their leadership academies for top Advisors. 

One way we help our colleagues stay connected is through our annual Bank Brokerage Directory. We list all the fine human beings in our corner of the financial services industry with triple-checked contact information so we can all stay connected. 

We have found that benchmarking your firm’s performance against similar firms is part of the DNA of the most successful firms. We go to great lengths to gather data directly from firms in order to maintain the industry’s highest level of accuracy in our Cramer Book of Charts. You’ll find our data and charts in slide decks used by leaders when presenting to their leadership teams and their Boards of Directors. 

Media Contact 

Todd Nixon, President, Cramer & Associates; 716-868-4569

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